ACS-Embrace, based in Sandton, is looking to expand our team with driven individuals that have experience in ERP implementation projects. You will be exposed to numerous different business environments and be expected to interact with various levels of business. If you are looking to work with a team of highly motivated professionals, are a capable and motivated ERP Business Analyst, then this is for you. 

 Job Function Summary

The Embrace ERP software suite comprises various modules. Business Analysts generally become specialists in certain modules, or module groupings which are specific to a part of the business. (E.g. Financials, Logistics, Service, Manufacturing and Sales). 
The Business Analyst applies functional knowledge to the setup and implementation of one or more Embrace modules, to meet the customer’s requirements.

The Business Analyst will concentrate mainly on, but not limited to, the Embrace Supply Chain Management modules; Inventory, Procurement (Purchasing), both local and foreign, which incorporates Shipping and Forecasting; as well as Warehouse Management, Sales and CRM. This includes the financial balancing and integration of all other Embrace modules to the General Ledger. Elements of workflow are included in the above modules.

Duties and Responsibilities  

  • Attends and conducts the Requirements Analysis interviews which are held for the purposes of discovery
  • Pays close attention to the customer’s specific requirements, ensuring that they have extensive knowledge and understanding of these at the end of the process
  • Documents the requirements together with the envisioned ‘mapping’ of the customers’ requirements to the Embrace System, thereby bringing them together
  • Identifies the gaps, if any, which fall between the standard Embrace offering and the customer requirement. Documents and seeks workarounds or custom solutions for these
  • Attends meetings to discuss and tweak findings
  • Obtains sign off of all areas pertaining to the business area from the customer
  • Assists in the building of the system, according to customers’ requirements
  • Provides formal ‘class room’ training on the areas of responsibility, to groups of up to eight students at a time
  • Is involved in importing the data for their modules into the system
  • Is responsible for ensuring that the imported data is correct
  • Performs ‘hand-holding’ assistance during go-live, which is “on the job” user assistance
  • Is required to perform smaller projects from time to time, at sites who may be implementing new modules of the Embrace System
  • Will be required to work with an application development team and project manager to test any customisations/enhancements

 Business Skills, Knowledge and Background 

  • Must have good business knowledge pertinent to the relevant Embrace module, to be able to understand, interpret and record a customer’s requirements
  • Should have some understanding with regards to implementing enterprise applications, and should have worked in a similar environment performing this function previously
  • Should be able to analyse workflow, process improvement, and business practises to streamline business operations
  • The ability to write a Requirements Analysis with the correct use of the English language is a key requirement
  • Must be a competent trainer, able to transfer knowledge at both senior and junior levels within an organisation
  • Must have solid verbal communication skills
  • Attention to detail - should display a concern for ensuring accuracy, clarity and quality of work reflecting an underlying drive to increase efficiency and track organisational measures
  • Must be competent in the use of the Microsoft Office Suite including word processing and spread sheet tools. Project management tools and Visio (or a similar tool) would be an added benefit, but not necessarily a requirement

Minimum Requirements 

  • Completed Bachelor’s Degree or College Diploma in Commerce or Business Administration and/or +/- 5 years equivalent work experience in the business environment
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience implementing and supporting similar core operational modules of an Enterprise Resource Planning system
  • Some understanding of ERP Software fundamentals and tool
  • Knowledge of common best practise for the relevant functions
  • Direct hands on experience per the ERP modules listed above
  • Contactable REFERENCES from previous Employers

 Personal Attributes 

  • Self-motivated, self-starter
  • Strong conscientious work ethic
  • Ability to self-teach at times, but confident enough to seek assistance where and when required
  • Logical thinker
  • Work in a team
  • Ability to travel when required, within Southern African regions (would include Namibia, Swaziland, Botswana, Mozambique, etc.)
  • Over time is a requirement, especially at Go-live (and the weekend of Go-live) but also when customer deadlines need to be met


  • Qualified ERP Business Consultant
  • Previous Embrace or ERP Software practical functional experience 3+ years
  • Experience with both new implementations and support of existing clients
  • Proven data analysis, data verification and problem-solving abilities would be beneficial (for data conversions specification, testing, balancing and verification)
  • Qualified facilitator an advantage i.e. Training experience

Core Competencies  

  • Communication – Written and verbal, organised thought process, polite and respectful of others
  • Analysis and Problem Solving – Thoroughly thinks out and evaluates alternatives, innovative problem resolution, pro-active approach, initiative to solve problems
  • Workload Management – Works with little direction and supervision, completes projects timeously, makes time for unplanned adjustments and adapts to changing priorities
  • Ethics and Integrity – Perceived fairness, tolerance, honesty, consistent in application of policies and procedures
  • Specialised Knowledge – Speciality field of knowledge is up to date and properly applied
  • Customer Focus – Communicates courteously and proactively, learns customer’s short and long terms needs

For more information or to apply 

If you are a focused, insightful, ambitious candidate seeking a full time ERP Business Analyst position, send us your CV along with a cover letter elaborating your relevant qualifications and experience in ERP systems to

All materials will be kept in the strictest confidence.