ACS-Embrace launches Embrace version 14 and announces strategic partnerships at embrace the future Convention. Steve Wookey, Managing Director at ACS-Embrace, welcomed delegates to the Convention, thanked them for their support and outlined the exciting program for the day.  Highlights included presentations and demonstrations of the new features and modules, an implementation case study, embrace mobile and embrace analytics.

Ian Foster, Sales Director, ACS-Embrace, highlighted the new developments, enhanced functionality and boundless business benefits in Embrace Release 14. The VAT IT14SD functionality was extremely well received as it will save time, ensure compliance, and accurately record, report and balance VAT related transactions.

Paul Palm, Director Information Services, Merck (Pty) Ltd gave an interesting and informative account of the upgrade implementation at Merck, stating that “all in all the upgrade went well and exceeded expectations. The new platform will enable us to embrace the digital transformation, take advantage of self-help apps and improve customer satisfaction!”

Embrace Enhanced Reporting with Qlikview, was presented by Nick Bell, CEO, Decision Inc. who demonstrated that QlikView is a highly productive and dynamic business intelligence tool which allows for rapid and cost-effective deployment whilst delivering swift and seamless business insight. It also has the added advantage of being remarkably easy to use.

ACS-Embrace clients will have access to Performance Accelerators - pre-built solutions - which will provide the tools to effectively harness and leverage data almost immediately and in the right way.

 “We are very excited about our partnership with ACS-Embrace. Key to this partnership is their vision of taking the product into the digital environment, something that very few vendors have been able to realise. With new additions of mobility and analytics as part of the product offering, ACS-Embrace is positioned uniquely as a technology that is adapting quickly to the future demands of their users.” - Nick Bell, CEO, Decision Inc.

Francois Flamengo, CEO, EAI South Africa, demonstrated “the business of disruption with Embrace Mobility” and showed how Embrace mobile apps will enable companies to benefit from improved quality of service, greater productivity, deeper business relationships, competitive advantage, and more accurate data capture.

The mobility application will enhance availability of information that will in future be available at your fingertips! Sales representatives in any company will be able to increase their productivity levels by using the new business application.” – Nico Smit, Chief Financial Officer, Union Tiles.

Clem Sunter’s keynote address on scenario planning to “embrace the future” was insightful, thought-provoking and presented the big picture vision of what industry executives need to ensure the strong growth and evolution of their businesses.

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