Editorial published in Hire SA – April 2017 Edition

The challenge for any company operating in the rental marketplace, whether they are renting equipment, machinery or vehicles, is to maximise the utilisation of each asset whilst maintaining market leading standards.

In the current economic climate customers are continually demanding better value for money and in meeting these demands rental companies are continually looking at improving efficiency and controlling costs so as to offer superior service and more competitive rates.

To meet this challenge, as well as manage an increasingly complex business environment, rental companies are turning towards technology and software solutions - ideally an end-to-end system that spans financial management, rental/hire, service/workshops and operations - giving complete visibility and control throughout the company or group of companies. 

Those who have ventured down this road know there is no “one size fits all” solution.  The good news is – there is another option - the locally developed, fully integrated, flexible Embrace Rental solution! Delivering comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality, Embrace Rental provides a complete end-to-end software solution to companies operating in the short and long term rental market. “The solution can be easily and cost-effectively tailored to an exact fit for your business, ensuring operational efficiency and your competitive edge,” says a spokesperson for Embrace Rental. 

Embrace Rental and Hire Software

With several million Rands invested in rental equipment, these assets need to be managed from acquisition, to service requirements, through to disposal, to ensure maximum return on this investment. Embrace Rental enables management to track depreciation and review the performance and profitability of the entire fleet as well as all rental equipment by individual machine, model, equipment family and other criteria ensuring prompt action in eliminating or improving machines or fleet sectors that have sub-par performance.  

The powerful Rental Planning Board shows equipment location and status, giving operations staff up to the minute information as to fleet availability within a single rental location, or across multiple rental centres. Future planned servicing requirements of the fleet can also be tracked and monitored.

“The bottom line is that greater control over your assets and stock will maximise utilisation, minimise costs and increase profitability!” 


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