Editorial published in Hire SA – May 2017 Edition

The challenge for any company operating in the rental marketplace is to find a best-of-breed rental software solution that integrates to their existing financial system..

Many rental companies first implement a financial system to run their business and eventually, to support the unique requirements of the rental industry, add or “bolt-on” a separate rental system. While this appears to be simpler and less costly than replacing the existing system with a new fully integrated one, the reality is this “bolt-on” creates significant ongoing problems and costs that never go away.  

Those who have gone this route warn that “a bolted-on rental package is cumbersome to use, expensive to manage and maintain and never really works!” This is because bolt-ons do not integrate seamlessly; they require duplication of effort as employees need to manually enter the same information into separate systems, with different data bases, which is time-consuming and results in erroneous and unreliable data.

In today’s competitive market, companies need timely insight into rental inventory, financials and other important operating information. Going back and forth between different systems, with the risk of inconsistent data, is not ideal. Also there is no possibility of drilling down from the financial results to the detailed operating activities and transactions.

According to ACS-Embrace spokesperson, “when you implement a fully integrated business solution, you effectively “cut out the middle man”, eliminate data redundancy, connectivity complications, multiple user interfaces, as well as integration and interface risks. 

The Embrace end-to-end business solution, with integrated rental and fleet management gives companies a real-time 360° view of the entire business, streamlining and giving control over all aspects of the business, including rental, sales, service, invoicing, delivery and collections.  With all departments working off a single centralised system from quotation to end of contract life, operational efficiency increases, while access to accurate information ensures improved customer service levels and satisfaction.

Embrace enables informed business decisions by providing a clear view of assets under rental, including revenue generated services costs and depreciation expenses. 

Imagine what that could do for your business operations and decision-making? 

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