Tarsus Technologies distributes the world's leading IT hardware brands to the Southern African reseller channel. Tarsus, a member of the MB Technologies group, was established in 1985 and with three decades of operation, it is the longest-established IT distributor in South Africa.

Tarsus is uniquely positioned to meet the channel's needs for credit funding, stock availability and efficient logistics to ensure that resellers are able to deliver the best possible service, support and overall solutions to their end user customer base at the lowest possible cost. Not only does Tarsus provide excellent service but also world-class logistics.

Tarsus implemented Embrace in 1992 and since then has grown from a small operation of 32 users to its current size of 522 concurrent user licenses. Over the years Tarsus has made significant changes to their Embrace System, so as to cater for the ever changing, fast paced IT Distribution environment.  

Tarsus has grown their Embrace system and has operations in Southern Africa (Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia with branches spread across South Africa, all of which run on the Embrace ERP system. 

The integrated Embrace Point-of-Sale system, with touch screen was implemented in the retail outlet to further streamline business process and ensure control as well as customer satisfaction. 

Tarsus has successfully integrated data from suppliers as well as customers and via Web Services is able to process purchase orders and generate sales transactions seamlessly. This was necessitated by customer demand for real time orders.  Customers no longer have to phone through orders, wait to verify stock availability and expected delivery dates. The system to system integration has streamlined the process, saved time and ensured accurate information.

The Embrace System is agile, flexible and cost-effective and allows for on-demand customisation as required. 

Tarsus thanks ACS-Embrace form many years of excellent service and look forward to many more!