Choosing a flexible Solution to Suit Your Growing Business Needs

irrigation system in function

ACS embraces Agrinet’s core focus areas, enabling the receiving and processing of thousands of orders per day, with maximum speed and efficiency. This means fast and accurate flow of information at a fraction of the cost.

With Embrace, Agrinet run a paperless system and have full visibility of the entire process. Agrinet are able to monitor every transaction through its various stages, from receiving to when the goods leave the warehouse.

“Agrinet implemented the ACS-Embrace business solution over 16 years ago. Our decision then was based on price; functionality; customer service and support; system flexibility and agility; ease of use; ease of access to data and reports. We chose to take full advantage of the MultiValue database technology embedded in Embrace.”

Jaco Kriel
Managing Director

Agrinet make extensive use of our functionality

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