Manage your Service Centres Profitably, Efficiently and Effectively!

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What is the Embrace Service Jobs Module?

The Embrace Service Jobs module is designed to help you exceed customer expectations, improve productivity, increase asset utilisation and control costs. The system will manage, schedule and process service jobs, tracking both unplanned and routine maintenance repair jobs. It is suited for both external and internal workshop environments, whether on site at a customer, as a field service operation, or in a workshop environment—transforming your service centre from a cost centre to a business driver.

Centralised and Simplified Management of Costs

Management of costs is centralised and simplified, with all costs, including labour, parts, buyouts, outwork by third parties and other ancillary charges, controlled, while actual costs are measured against set standards, to determine efficiency and profitability.

Manage Large Projects over their Duration

Delivering accurate job costing and project management across multiple service centres, together with the ability to handle progress invoicing, allows large projects to be managed over their entire duration - from a single system!

Embrace Clients use Service for :

  • Administering service centres profitability, effectively and efficiently
  • Allocating parts, posting labour, managing outwork, charges and tracking the progress of service workshops
  • Billing both internal and external customers
  • Tracking detailed Service histories
  • Managing capacity by scheduling future work using the planning board, which displays
  • planned and unplanned jobs, with associated resource availability
  • Tracing and tracking swap, backup, loan and damaged units
  • Managing the workload and job activity through tracking mechanisms and enquiry drill downs to detailed transactions
  • Long-term Project Management
  • Track warranties
  • Give warnings when services are due
  • Monitor the availability of rental articles, using the interactive planning board

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