Manufacture and Assemble Finished Products Efficiently and Profitably!


What is Embrace Advanced Manufacturing?

Efficient manufacturing and optimum utilisation of machines, processes and work centres is synonymous with lean manufacturing.

The Embrace Manufacturing Solution is used to efficiently manage and control job scheduling, material requirements, and costing. Efficiency gains are achieved by implementing properly monitored processes.

Run the manufacturing side of your business optimising on the lowest possible input, minimising costs to increase your return on investment with full control of inventory allowing more available working capital, boosting cash flow.

The enhanced monitoring of the raw material use-by dates and batch quality control, in Embrace, ensures that you are not left with expired stock and that there is no wastage.

The sophisticated, flexible Embrace MRP solution, meets all complex requirements with full visibility, inventory control, forecasting and demand management and specific processes assist with monitoring and achieving lean manufacturing.

Embrace clients use Manufacturing to:

  • Streamline their business by using one fully integrated end-to-end system
  • Operate multiple warehouses within a manufacturing division
  • Non-manufacturing branches to place orders directly on the plant
  • Follow lean practices to optimise capacity planning
  • Track manufacturing orders, raw materials and resource requirements
  • Manage and print bills of material (BOM)
  • Real time visibility into inventory levels and production costs
  • Separate accounting where required

Is Embrace Advanced Manufacturing for you? Ask us about your case.