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Client Services

Part and parcel of selecting an ERP solution that best fits your unique business requirements includes evaluating the service requirements that go hand in hand with deploying an optimised solution.

ACS-Embrace ticks all the boxes, going “Beyond Solutions”, offering a variety of services to assist you as and when necessary. We have dedicated experienced and expert teams to assist with every phase of the project, from the ERP investigation and purchasing cycle, the development of the project plan, through needs analysis, training and implementation to on-going system support and development.

Exploration, Evaluation and Selection

To ensure you find an ERP Solution that best fits and embraces every aspect of your business, we offer expert advice from the outset. Our knowledgeable business and system consultants meet with you to establish, define and understand your business processes. All the data is collected, collated and a model of the proposed solution is built. Once the proposal has been agreed to and accepted, an implementation project is put in place.



An experienced Project Manager is assigned to the Project and a comprehensive Project Plan drawn up. The plan includes everything from an in-depth Needs and Gap analysis, data conversions, data entry, through to verifying hardware and network requirements, as well as resource and timeline management. Most clients use this as an opportunity for “business process reengineering”. Proven methodologies ensure successful, on-time project delivery

Training plays a critical part in the implementation plan, paving the way for user acceptance while empowering users to utilise the full power and functionality of the Embrace ERP Solution. On-going training and refresher courses are also available.

The project team remains involved through “go-live” and the first month-end. Once assured that the system is bedded down and successfully working as planned, ownership passes from the project team to the Embrace Customer Services Team.

Customer Support Services

customer support service

A comprehensive support infrastructure ensures that all the services required to keep your Embrace ERP Solution running smoothly, efficiently and optimally are readily available as and when you need them. These services include a dedicated technical account manager, help desk, remote or on-site support, which are available on a contractual basis or as-needed.

As your company evolves and grows your requirements might change, or you may require system enhancements for a compelling competitive edge. Additional Embrace Modules are available to meet most of these requirements. Alternatively, our Professional Services Team will meet with you to further tailor or customise the solution, ensuring that all current and future needs are met.

Research and Development


On-going product development ensures that our solutions are in tune with industry standard technologies and our applications are continually developing in line with generally accepted best practices. Client needs and customisations are constantly evaluated in the product development cycle, encouraging active participation in the process. Because we recognise that change is the only constant, our flexible structures ensure that your software solution can grow and adapt, protecting your investment well into the future.

  • customer support services

    We, at ACS-Embrace, believe that our most important stakeholders are our customers. Our Customer Support Team goes the extra mile to serve the needs of our core customer base and deliver "Service Beyond Excellence!"

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  • exploration, evaluation and selection

    Exploring the world of ERP Business Solutions can be a daunting adventure. Drawing up and finalising a short list for evaluation can be quite a challenge. Making that final selection and decision, without the right selection criteria, could take you down the wrong path and you may not get the anticipated results.

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  • implementation

    Our professional Projects Team is the driving force behind the successful implementation of our ACS-Embrace Business Solution. Our dedicated team consists of Project Managers, Business Analysts, Industry Specialists, Programmers and Trainers. They have a wealth of experience and expertise and are responsible for new user (first time) Embrace Business Solution Implementations, as well as new Embrace module implementations, upgrades and business re-engineering projects at existing sites. Our track record shows that we understand best business practice in terms of delivery and implementation of solutions.

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  • research & development

    The ACS-Embrace Research and Development Team is both custodian of the existing ACS-Embrace versions, and the visionaries for the future developments.

    The team is made up of Development Managers, System Analysts, Analyst Programmers and Quality Control specialists, with a commitment to managing, maintaining and developing ACS –Embrace, while adhering to our strict development standards.

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  • embrace support center

    At ACS-Embrace, we believe that Service is the most powerful differentiating factor for businesses today and have aligned our team strategy to meet the demands and challenges in an ever-changing IT environment, ensuring that we deliver "Service Beyond Excellence!"

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  • embrace service desk

    Our Embrace Service Desk ensures that friendly, efficient and effective help is "just a phone call away". Service Desk personnel are experienced, with a wealth of Embrace and business knowledge. They work closely with technical account managers and all calls are logged, monitored and followed up, to ensure "Service Beyond Excellence!"

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