With its extensive functionality developed and refined for over 30 years, Embrace is end-to-end ERP software that delivers on its promises. Based in South Africa, Embrace has a strong presence in sub-Saharan Africa with a deep understanding of local business practices and regulations.

You are in Good Hands

In the cloud or on-premise, with Embrace your business is supported by a team of technical and industry experts who partner with you to ensure your success. Due to this high level of support and its flexibility, Embrace has been implemented in some of the most complex, highly integrated business environments whilst maintaining its 100% implementation success rate. A feat that only takes a little research to appreciate the significance of.

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Implementation Team

Our professional Projects Team is the driving force behind the successful implementation of our ACS-Embrace Business Solution. Our dedicated team consists of Project Managers, Business Analysts, Industry Specialists, Programmers and Trainers. They have a wealth of experience and expertise and are responsible for new user (first time) Embrace Business Solution Implementations, as well as new Embrace module implementations, upgrades and business re-engineering projects at existing sites.  Our track record shows that we understand best business practice in terms of delivery and implementation of solutions.

Planning is Everything

A well-planned implementation, where the business requirements and processes are clearly defined, understood and agreed to by all parties at the start of the project, is critical to the success of any project, no matter how big or small. 

One of the most overlooked aspects of a technology initiative is managing the impact of and resistance to organisational change. Ideally, a change management program should be followed, to educate, prepare and motivate those impacted by the change. The key is to focus on 'why' this is being done. Why is your project critical to your organisation's mission, how does it fit into the overall strategic plan and how will it help you to be more successful?

Implementation Methodology

Formation of the Steering Committee

Regular meetings, with all parties, to ensure that the project remains on time and within budget.


Includes the Needs Analysis, Gap Analysis and Scope of Work.


Includes the configuration and setup of the system, i.e. data conversions, customisation specification and development.


User acceptance testing.


The content and extent of the training requirements flow from the needs analysis phase. ACS designs the training courses to suit client specific business requirements.


Includes the Cut Over, Final conversions, Go-live, Handholding, Day-end and first Month-end.

Post Implementation Review

Feedback from the client, evaluates deliverables, compare budget, evaluate feedback and project closure report.

Formula for Success

At ACS, we strive to deliver beyond solutions. Our highly motivated and qualified Project Team have a wealth of experience, a wealth of business knowledge and a proven track record, to ensure our projects are successful and measurable. 

A well-implemented system provides a solid foundation for the growth and success of your business.