Embrace Improved Levels of Performance with Intelligent Scheduling

MRP 2 - Embrace Improved Levels of Performance with Intelligent Scheduling

What is Embrace MRP II?

Fully integrated with Sales, Forecasting and Procurement, Embrace MRPII (Manufacturing Resource Planning) ensures the right amount of raw materials at the right time to support manufacturing, along with shop floor production planning, machine capacity scheduling, demand forecasting and analysis and quality tracking tools. MRPII also has tools for tracking employee attendance, labour contribution and productivity.

Embrace MRPII incorporates the value stream all the way through the manufacturing facility to the shipping dock where the product is packaged and sent to the end customer.

Embrace clients use Manufacturing for :

  • Gaining complete, real-time visibility into valuable sales, operational and production activities and take immediate action when needed
  • Achieving a higher level of performance with intelligent scheduling and dispatching tools to increase profits and improve customer loyalty
  • Producing planned manufacturing orders, suggested purchase orders, transfer requests and action messages
  • Variable firm planned and forecast horizons
  • Producing separate action plans per planner and buyer
  • Master production scheduling
  • On-line MRP calculation enquiry and product availability
  • Projected inventory valuation
  • Managing WIP, issuing or back flushing components, operations or labour
  • Orderless manufacturing for continuous jobs
  • Maintaining shop calendar per branch
  • Extensive tracking and reporting

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