At ACS-Embrace, we believe that Service is the most powerful differentiating factor for businesses today and have aligned our team strategy to meet the demands and challenges in an ever-changing IT environment, ensuring that we deliver Service Beyond Excellence.

The Support Centre focusses on serving our clients and our Value Added Resellers. This division provides a single point of contact for both our users and our staff, where assistance is required on technical issues, Embrace functionality, fault log reporting and general knowledge base queries. By providing strong services in these areas, we will free up other resources, enabling them to focus on their own portfolios and give more efficient and timely resolution to client issues.

In holding fast to the ACS vision, our friendly, professional, service oriented team strives for mutual respect and the creating of strong relationships with our Embrace clients as well as across all ACS Departments.

Our company mission is to ensure that Embrace retains its reputation as a leading ‘World Class’ software package in the Enterprise Resource Planning marketplace and to provide superior long-term support to our valued clients and partners. To this end, we abide by the principles and methodology of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) with our approach to service.

As such, one of the considerations given to a service, particularly within the context of a Service Level Agreement (SLA), is the IT capabilities that combine to make a business process possible. Efficient business processes are highly dependent on effective IT resources. We have an exceptional combination of resources, which provide highly specialised expertise in support of the Embrace Software package.

The Embrace Service Desk operates from within the Support Centre and is the contact point between ACS and the Embrace community, on a day-to-day basis. They assist on Embrace functionality and technical queries. It is also the central point for reporting incidents and making service requests.  Being the central point of contact makes it easier for clients to report issues, log incidents and receive on-going feedback on their progress. Their goal is to manage, co-ordinate and resolve incidents as quickly as possible. 

To assist us in providing our clients with exceptional service we have implemented our Embrace Service Module for call tracking.  We are currently developing the Embrace Software Log System, which will enable our client base to log calls and monitor progress directly on our website and maintain direct access to our Service Desk.

Our Support Centre is also the central development point for creating a knowledge base, leveraging from the tools and documents that already exist. The knowledge base is continuously being updated and made available as a resource.

The valuable contributions made by our Quality Control team ensures the best possible solution for business processes based on best practice.  Continuous quality control is conducted on all new developments.

We are here to serve the needs and desires of our core client base.  Since inception, our ACS Support Centre has lived up to its’ exceptional expectations. Our clients are invited to make use of our services by emailing incidents, concerns, or other queries to and we will respond with a follow-up call, a tracking number and commence working on the best solution, fit for your purpose. You can also call us on our direct line 011 275 2100.