Maximise Profit and Improve Customer Loyalty

Embrace ERP Sales Orders

A Comprehensive Sales Order Module providing In-depth Insight

The Embrace Sales Order Processing Module enables organisations to act immediately to improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness.  Maintain extensive customer information, create quotations quickly, convert them to sales orders seamlessly and be responsive to your customers, to ensure customer retention and loyalty.    

The Embrace Sales Order Module provides an efficient flow of information and provides in-depth insight into the main business of Sales Order Processing and Distribution, such as inquiry, sales order processing, backlog management, returns handling and delivery.

Drill from high level to detailed information, capture trends and analyse sales data. 

Embrace clients uses Sales Orders for :

  • Reducing cycle time to process orders
  • Eliminating order processing errors
  • On line pricing with discounts for each of their customers
  • Customer credit and account balance information
  • Automatically calculating taxes
  • Automating all paper work required, i.e. order confirmation, invoices, POD
  • Handling back orders and partial shipments
  • Easy conversion of quotations to sales orders
  • Commission tracking and calculation

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