Our Embrace Service Desk ensures that friendly, efficient and effective help is "just a phone call away".  Service Desk personnel are experienced, with a wealth of Embrace and business knowledge.  They work closely with technical account managers and all calls are logged, monitored and followed up, to ensure "Service Beyond Excellence!"

Our Service Desk operates from within the Support Centre and is the contact point between ACS and the Embrace community, on a day-to-day basis. Being the central point of contact makes it easier for clients to report issues, log incidents and receive on-going feedback on their progress. Their goal is to manage, co-ordinate and resolve incidents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

They collaborate with our Account Managers, providing our clients with a consistent high level of support. This involves investigating, reporting and testing of the Embrace Standard Package, based on incident reporting from our client base. In depth analysis of requests and requirements are done before recommendations for inclusion in Embrace Standard Package are forwarded to our R&D Department.

Our ACS-Embrace Service Desk professionals embrace everything you need them to. 

Business Centric - They align themselves with your business objectives and boast a high first call resolution. 

Reactive - They have good listening and analytical skills, enabling them to reassure you, understand and resolve the problem.

Proactive - They log and track all incidents, ensure 08:00 - 17:00 support as well as after-hours coverage and support, for those clients who have SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) in place.  They benefit from a comprehensive shared knowledge base.

Customer Centric - They are focused on quality with multi-level support tiers to ensure customer satisfaction and “Service Beyond Excellence!”