The Academy is the ACS-Embrace hub that drives Embrace ERP training for clients during and after an ERP implementation. For you to get the most out of your Embrace ERP experience, you need to be empowered with knowledge. Well-equipped training rooms are available as well as highly skilled and experienced facilitators in all Embrace modules, ensuring comprehensive training. An efficient monitoring system keeps track of all client training records and clients are alerted of any upcoming training events that will further optimise their embrace experience and usage.

  • Embrace Standard Courses

    Standard training is conducted on a regular basis, at the ACS Academy, to train users in the use of the Embrace Standard Package. Training entails standard Embrace process using generic sample data and includes in-class demonstrations and hands-on labs.

    Users benefit by being able to interact with expert Embrace instructors, view product demonstrations, ask specific questions and more.

  • embrace technical courses

    Technical courses are designed to upskill System Administrators in the support and maintenance of the Embrace ERP system. Highly experienced Programmers are used to deliver training in System Administration, Report Writing and Programming. Users who attend such courses are usually Super Users with the appropriate technical skills. Clients are encouraged to become self-sufficient ensuring that Embrace is cost effective to run and maintain.

  • embrace custom training courses

    Embrace Training can be adapted to fit in with the immediate needs of our Clients. To achieve this, our highly experienced Facilitators are able to conduct an analysis on Client Data and deliver specialised training in Client specific processes which are tailored to match the Client’s specific needs.

    Client specific sample data is used when training users. Customised training is flexible, tailored and cost effective. Training can be done at the ACS Academy or at Client sites. You set the date and you set the time.

  • view training courses

    One of the key aspects of successful implementation and use of Embrace is, without a doubt, training! Users who have been effectively and properly trained are able to make a rapid transition to new systems and utilise the full power of the software ensuring a rapid return on investment.

    Training is on-going as new employees join the company or new and additional modules are implemented. ACS offers a comprehensive training schedule, to assist clients in planning their diaries and finding a time that is convenient to them.

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