Improve Productivity, Space Utilisation and Customer Satisfaction

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What is Embrace Warehouse Management (WMS)?

Warehouse Management is an integral component of the Embrace Supply Chain Solution and is designed to control the movement of stock within a warehouse or across multiple facilities and process associated transactions such as receiving, putaway, binning, picking and counting.

Warehouse Management is becoming more important as the processes integrate into other parts of the business including purchasing, shipping, sales, service , reconfigures, manufacturing , branch transfers and assets.

Improve productivity, space utilisation and customer satisfaction with an agile Warehouse solution

Warehouses are becoming increasingly complex. They need to be agile and efficient as they handle more orders with greater speed and increased accuracy. Automating inbound, warehousing and outbound operations results in improved productivity, space utilisation and customer satisfaction.

The Embrace Warehouse Management System provides detailed tracking from entry to exit point. This includes the receiving of stock, movement of stock between bin locations, picking and despatching of stock and the auto-replenishing of bins.

In order to efficiently monitor the flow of stock, staff and resources, the Warehouse Management solution supports a comprehensive RF-enabled solution and is designed to use handheld as well as stationary devices and bar code readers to track items within the warehouse.

Embrace clients use Warehouse Management for:

  • Placing screens in the warehouse to show status of all picks
  • Remunerating pickers on their productivity
  • Detailed tracking from entry to exit point
  • Automatic replenishment of bulk stock to pick areas
  • Placing damaged stock in areas that will not be selected for pick
  • Using “put aways” to find the most efficient use of storage space
  • Setting special rules for bonded goods and consignment warehouses
  • Tracking Temperature controlled environments
  • Enforcing rules for handling, storage and tracking of SKUs that require environmental or HAZMAT segregation, procedures and certifications

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