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Inventory Management

Auto Procurement in Inventory Management

Embrace Auto Procurements is designed to manage and execute the complete inventory requirements plan within an organisation, at both national and regional levels. The inventory requirements are derived from a variety of sources throughout the organisation, demand requirements are consolidated, allowing you to execute the most cost-effective procurement and replenishment plan using Embrace Purchasing, Shipments and Stock Transfers.

What are the benefits of an Auto procurement system

Embrace Auto Procurements helps you save time, reduce costs, automate processes and deliver improved customer service. Simplify your purchasing and receiving processes while ensuring greater order accuracy. Designed to meet the demanding needs of your business, Embrace Auto Procurements supports planned inventory replenishments across the entire distribution network.

What is Inventory replenishment?

Inventory replenishment analysis is based on parameter-driven grouping and classification at the National and branch levels. Suggested orders are grouped by buyer and supplier and can be converted to purchase orders, after amendment. Embrace Auto Procurement is driven by MRP, DRP but can also run stand-alone.

Embrace clients use Auto Procurement to:

  • Ensure optimised stock holdings to reduce inventory holding values
  • Manage replenishments effectively, both stock level replenishment and Just-In-Time
  • Track and trace items from source to their current location and to identify all cost elements associated with the movement of goods

  • Variable firm planned and forecast horizons
  • Make informed decisions regarding market and replenishment planning, using data from sales, demand analysis and manufacturing

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