Ensure your Competitive Edge in a Global Economy!

Embrace ERP Multi-Currency

Powerful and Comprehensive Functionality

Embrace enables true multi-currency features and functionality you can depend on, by delivering powerful and comprehensive purchasing, sales and accounting functions. Sophisticated currency management and seamless transactions in any number of currencies ensures your competitive edge in a global economy.

Daily spot rates can be stored and Embrace allows for the maintenance of branches, general ledgers and cashbooks in other currencies with automated consolidation to the standard currency of the enterprise. Price lists and sales in multiple foreign currencies are provided for, with automated debtors and creditors revaluation.

Embrace clients use Multi-Currency to:

  • Manage multiple currencies for transactions, accounting, and financial reporting
  • Pull exchange rates into the system from an automatic data feed or enter manually
  • Maintain multiple currency conversion application types such as daily, monthly, annual
  • Generate financial reports using conversion factors
  • Revalue foreign currency accounts
  • Automatically determine loss or gain due to currency fluctuations
  • Maintain multiple general ledgers in multiple currencies

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