Maximise Revenue, Utilisation and Profitability!

Embrace Rental & Hire ERP Solution

What is Embrace Rental?

Embrace Rental provides a complete end-to-end solution to companies operating in the short or long term rental market. Whether your requirements are full maintenance leasing or ad hoc hire, Embrace Rental is designed to cater for all your needs.

Control the entire lifecycle of a contract from booking to invoicing

This includes reservations:

  • Allocation of rental items and crew
  • Despatch control
  • Swaps and replacements
  • Returns, debrief
  • Invoicing
  • Multiple vehicles per contract

Increase operational efficiency with Embrace Rental

Embrace Rental enables you to increase operational efficiencies by providing a clear view of assets under rental. Availability recording, monitoring, enquiry and reporting forms an integral part of the solution with the rental planning board providing clear visibility of rental items, availability and location within a single rental location, or across multiple locations.

Embrace clients use Rental for :

  • Increasing overall operational efficiency
  • Managing short term and long term rental contracts
  • Managing full maintenance lease and ad hoc contracts
  • Billing on time and/or usage with multiple pricing models
  • Include and invoice additional items such as delivery, recovery, consumables and abuse
  • Management of drivers and crew
  • Managing profitability and costs to maximise return on their capital investment

Is Embrace Rental for you? Ask us about your case.