Ensure Optimal Performance while Maximising Profits!

Embrace ERP Forecasting

Flexible, Data-Driven Forecasting and Planning Tool

Embrace Forecasting is a flexible, database-driven budgeting, forecasting, and planning tool, which is fully integrated with all core Embrace Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modules. This module gives financial managers full control over the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of their budgeting process and enables planning departments to create forecasts and perform "what-if" analysis.

Sales forecasts may be used to drive time-phased demand in distribution requirements planning (DRP) across a network of centralised and decentralised trading entities. The forecasts may also be used to drive demand directly on a production location or the aggregate of DRP planning may be used. Sales forecasts are generated from historical information, which can be smoothed, flexed, and weighted. Trends and seasonal demand patterns are identified and used where applicable and manual forecasts can be made.

The Embrace Forecasting module ensures optimal performance to maintain customer satisfaction while maximising profits.

Embrace clients use Forecasting for:

  • Collaborative forecasting based on actual data from throughout the enterprise
  • Automatically pulling current or future pricing from the inventory master file to provide accurate sales forecast numbers

  • Determining what materials and resources are needed, where and when they are needed in order to meet customer inventory and production requirements

  • Updating the forecast based on orders received electronically via EDI or the Internet

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