Fostering Effective Supplier Partnerships

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How does Embrace Accounts Payable benefit you?

Embrace Accounts Payable ensures close relationships with suppliers and improves cash flow.   Efficiently and accurately process invoices, pay accounts, analyse all expenses and take full advantage of all available discounts.

Successful companies are lowering their cost of business by implementing streamlined and controlled processes. With Embrace Accounts Payable, managing supplier disbursements is a simple and straightforward process.

Embrace Security

Embrace ERP Software Security

Disciplines and controls ensure that payments are not processed incorrectly. Embrace Security gives access to relevant functions required by each user, while a full audit of every change on the master files is available. Workflow can be enabled to secure approvals on critical data such as bank accounts.

Manage the Spend

Tight integration with all the Embrace Modules, including Inventory and Purchasing ensures the necessary controls for procurement and enables finance to manage the spend.

Embrace clients use Accounts Payable to:

  • Manage Supplier Disbursements
  • Easily and accurately forecast current and future cash requirements
  • Track Accounts Payable accruals and control price variances
  • Discipline and control supplier interactions
  • Take advantage of settlement discounts
  • Allow the setup of supplier accounts across their organisations centrally or by branch
  • Use the on line reconciliation tools to balance accounts quickly and accurately
  • Use the same functionality regardless of foreign or local requirements

Is Embrace Accounts Payable for you? Ask us about your case.