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Efficient and Accurate Telesales

Embrace Telesales provides Telesales teams with all the client contact information, sales history and real-time pricing required to make profitable sales.

Customers are the life blood of any business, so it is essential that constant contact with them is continued and that their purchases are managed easily, efficiently and accurately. Orders are input with a minimum of keystrokes for speedy processing and previous orders are easily accessible.

The integrated Pricing and Promotions Matrix enables up-selling and price negotiation, while ensuring that acceptable margins are achieved.

Embrace clients use Telesales for :

  • Prospect database maintenance
  • Follow-up call scheduling
  • Interface to order or quotation placement
  • Operator substitution
  • Order entry – call lists for daily sales
  • Create customers on the fly
  • Invoicing and comment updates
  • Multiple communication options (email,fax..) to get information directly to prospects Conversion from prospect to customer

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