ERP Software South Africa - Embrace
ERP Software South Africa - Embrace
What ERPs South African Companies Are Using in 2021

Are you Second Guessing your Choice in ERP System?

Find out what ERP systems other South African companies are using right now.

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  • AAD


    ACS-Embrace has played a critical role in our organisation throughout the years. Embrace’s dynamic ability to evolve has allowed our partnership to grow as we have entered into new ventures and industries.

    ACS-Embrace was revolutionary in developing an overseas shipment module that made their ERP system stand out far above other industry developments
    John Haresnape - Chief Financial Officer - AAD Group of Companies
  • MAN


    A competent ACS-Embrace Crew drives “Total Customer Support” at MAN Truck and Bus South Africa, delivering a seamless view of the entire group of companies, seamless stock control and customer support through the very latest technology.

    Embrace includes all the specialist modules for our industry. Added to that, all the modules are fully integrated, online and real time, giving us complete visibility and a common view of all 18 of our companies. The most compelling difference is the company behind the software. ACS has an excellent, competent crew and we have a good relationship with them that is the difference. ACS Delivers!
    Ian Wallis - Group IT Manager - MAN Truck & Bus (S.A.)
  • Agrinet


    ACS embraces Agrinet’s core focus areas, enabling the receiving and processing of thousands of orders per day, with maximum speed and efficiency. This means fast and accurate flow of information at a fraction of the cost.

    We're very happy with the product, the support, and the ongoing development. The fact that we've been with ACSEmbrace as long as we have, says a lot.

    The software has evolved alongside Agrinet and continues to give us the sophistication and customisation capabilities we need to grow our business, today and tomorrow.
    Jaco Kriel - Managing Director - Agrinet

    Some of Our Clients

    • ADD
    • Abes Technoseal
    • Agrinet
    • Astore Keymak
    • Bustque
    • CEG
    • Criterion
    • DLM
    • ESP
    • Kalideck South Africa
    • MAN
    • Merck
    • Putco
    • Powertrain Truck Spares
    • Tarsus
    • Union tiles
    Embrace ERP News Two men shaking hands in Johannesburg
    Embrace ERP News Two men shaking hands in Johannesburg
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