Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency and Streamline Stock Movement!

Inventory Management

What is Embrace Inventory Management?

Embrace Inventory Management increases operational efficiencies and streamlines stock movement while providing tight control and visibility.

All warehouses are different. This may be due to physical facts, products, shipping methods and seasonal product lines. Embrace Inventory management is scalable and can provide the operational flexibility that different organisations require.

Using the flexibility available in Embrace, items can be configured to suit the organisation’s requirements. There are no restrictions on length and type.

Enabling quick and easy access to product information the extensive cross reference features allows the user to access item information using a multitude of methods, such as number, description, catalogue, model and / or old product number. In addition to assisting users in accessing fast moving products the last 20 items used are remembered and easily available for use.

Items can be grouped into major and sub categories. Extensive use of the categories is made in inventory, sales, stock aging, profitability, demand and other analysis.

The stock request and stock transfer processes with the appropriate approvals and financial updates ensure streamlined movement of stock between internal organisations.

The reconfigure functionality provides for the simple conversion of stock items to other saleable products using a bill-of-material incorporating out plant operations.

Loan stock, Rep Samples and Damaged stock give visibility into items that need to be handled in a special manner. Cycle and wall to wall stock counts are easy, secure and auditable.

Embrace clients use Inventory for :

  • Controlling multiple customer consignment stock
  • Stock visibility and accountability at the press of a button
  • Enabling supply chain personnel to use the stock status Kardex
  • Cycle counts to reduce the risk, cost and time spent in wall to wall counts
  • Stock requests and approvals to manage the movement of stock between organisations
  • Achieving competitive advantage by using customer equivalents resulting in superior customer satisfaction

Is Embrace Inventory Management (WMS) for you? Ask us about your case.