Enabling the Effective Conversion of multiple Items into one Saleable finished product

Inventory Management, Kitting

What is Embrace Kitting?

Reconfigures tightly integrates into purchasing, inventory, sales, backorder processing and forecasting functionality.

Cost rollups are accurate and transparent. There are multiple enquiries and reports showing costs and recoveries.

This module is used extensively by a number of Embrace clients for handling motor industry spares, kit packaging, decanting of liquids, repackaging of bulk items, and customising products such as belts and paper for end users.

Embrace clients use Kitting for:

  • Streamlining and creating an effective process to assemble stock / parts into saleable items
  • Assembling of individual items into ready to sell and deliver kits
  • Save time and improve customer service by not having to pick, pack and assemble those individual items as orders are received

  • Visibility and traceability of costs and quantities making up that saleable item to make sure all costs are taken into consideration when calculating selling prices

  • Accurate planning and execution of specific items to be configured and built for sales

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