Drive On-Time Delivery with Profitable Projects

Projects - Drive On-Time Delivery with Profitable Projects

What is Embrace Projects?

Embrace Projects delivers complete visibility and control, giving you real-time access to all your project information. Track costs against your projects, assign, view and monitor activities while setting budgets against each cost header. This ensures a significantly improved project completion record, more satisfied clients and reduced non-billable work.

Full visibility into project profitability enables you to track all the financial metrics, including estimates, budgets, work in progress, invoicing milestones, invoices, percentage complete and all costs.

Embrace clients use Projects for :

  • Project Costing and Management
  • Maintaining current and accurate Project status at all times
  • Real-time access to all Project information
  • Recording and tracking Project issues
  • Setting Project milestones
  • Invoicing clients on as per agreed milestones
  • Tracking Project profitability
  • Long-term Project Management

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