Total Customer Support

Man Trucks in display with smoke inside large warehouse

A competent ACS-Embrace crew drives “Total Customer Support” at MAN Automotive South Africa, delivering a seamless view of the entire group of companies, seamless stock control and customer support through the very latest technology.

“Embrace includes all the specialist modules for our industry, including Manufacturing, Service and Workshops. Added to that, all the modules are fully integrated, on-line and real-time, giving us complete visibility and a common view of all 18 of our companies, branches and privately owned dealerships.

When comparing and evaluating possible ERP Business Solutions, the most compelling difference is the company behind the software.  ACS-Embrace has an excellent, competent crew and we have a good relationship with them. They have been supportive of us and are always willing to help when there is a new need or gap.  Other companies we have dealt with have not always been as ready to meet our needs; they have made promises but often not delivered.  And that is the difference.  ACS-Embrace delivers!”

Ian Wallis
Group IT Manager
MAN Automotive South Africa 

MAN make extensive use of our functionality

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