ACS-Embrace - a business partner who goes the extra mile 

putco bus travelling on windy road

"Embrace, being a South African developed ERP System, offers the added benefit of understanding the South African market as well as facilitating support to its clients.

Our 30 years with ACS-Embrace have afforded both companies the benefit of developing good interpersonal relationships. Their willingness to go the extra mile, especially when times are tough, is testament to that.

"Embrace is used not only by PUTCO, but also by other member companies within the Larimar Group. Our utilization of Embrace is not restricted to only the operation and accounting of our passenger service, but also provides the facility to engineer and manufacture products used in the service and maintenance of our bus fleet."

Embrace ERP continues to meet the challenges facing our industry as well as the evolving requirements of the Larimar Group of Companies.

Silvana Pisapia
Financial Director
Larimar Group

Putco & the larimar group make extensive use of our functionality

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