Union Tiles cements efficient customer service and inventory control

exquisite tiles in modern bathroom with incredible view

"We looked at various ERP solutions but most were rigid, could not adapt to change or growth and we would have had to change our business processes to accommodate the system.

With Embrace ERP came flexibility, a comprehensive suite of integrated modules which could be tailored or customised according to our unique requirements, ensuring a 100% fit. We did not have to change any of our business processes.

Our stock efficiency has improved enormously. We have clear visibility of Stock turn, movement, in process, with indicators of when and how much to order. We can verify stock and have been able to close loopholes in terms of breakage and shrinkage by more than 25%. Embrace Stock management and reporting is excellent.

Embrace is running smoothly, without any intervention. It is user friendly, cost effective and used extensively throughout the group. Embrace gives us accurate, reliable, up to date, real time information at the right time to enable us to make important and strategic business decisions. Our Return on Investment has been significant!"

Ross De Abreu
Managing Director
Union Tiles (Pty) Ltd

Union Tiles make extensive use of our functionality

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