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Manual processes and multiple separate systems lead to inefficiency, inaccurate or redundant data, lost customer opportunities and possible damage to your business operations.

  • Are you relying on guesswork instead of real-time accurate data to drive your business decisions?
  • How much time are you and your staff wasting manually entering data, cross-checking and copying information to multiple other systems?
  • Is it difficult to access up-to-date business information or create accurate financial reports and when you finally get there, can you trust the numbers?
  • Are you frustrated because of the lack of local expertise and limited support for your current systems?

All these issues can be resolved with a comprehensive end-to-end ERP Software Solution that enables you to manage your entire business from one solution, connecting data from all departments, such as finance, sales, warehouse, purchasing, production and distribution.

Future Proof Your Business with the Only ERP Software Solution You will Ever Need Again

Embrace ERP South Africa  South Africa

Flexible, accessible and scalable, Embrace adapts to the growth and evolution of your business easily and cost-effectively. Whether you grow from 10 to 1000+ employees, open multiple branches or go global, your Embrace solution has all the modules and functionality to meet your growing and changing needs.

Embrace gives you end-to-end management and control of your business. Full integration eliminates information silos, giving everyone across the business access to a single source of truth. With complete visibility throughout your business, Embrace ensures you remain innovative, flexible, efficient and profitable, even as you expand.

Make Better Business Decisions Faster with Embrace ERP

Embrace is ERP with advanced ERP South Africa  functionality

Embrace facilitates the flow of real-time information across departments and business units, enabling employees to make data-driven decisions and improve operational performance. This translates to increased productivity and cost savings as people spend less time digging for data.

Take advantage of data visualisations, tailored to your needs, to help make strategic decisions. Monitor and measure your business performance and conduct what-if modelling with accurate, reliable, real-time data.

Embrace ERP Enables Our Clients to Make Strategic Data-Driven Decisions that Promote Profitable Business Growth

AAD Group uses Embrace ERP South Africa  in South Africa

“Embrace is fully integrated, on-line and real-time. This gives me complete visibility throughout the group, with access to records, information and reports timeously. The information is accurate and can be viewed in a format that enables us to make key business decisions, quickly!”

John Lachenicht - Chief Executive Officer
AAD Group of Companies

ABES Technoseal uses Embrace ERP South Africa  in South Africa

“Embrace is a strategic partner with proven expertise in streamlining and automating processes, expanding business growth and cultivating innovation. There is a wealth of business, industry and Embrace ERP package knowledge that we benefit from. The simplicity of the system is a big plus.

Danie Venter – Managing Director
ABES Technoseal - A Member of The Hudaco Group

Get All the Features You Need To Optimise Your Business Operations and Achieve Your Business Objectives

Get all the features you need to outperform your competition and take your ERP South Africa  operations to the next level with Embrace ERP
  • Single Source of Truth:

    Embrace delivers end-to-end management and control of your business. Full integration eliminates information silos, giving everyone across the business access to a single source of truth to enable a consistent, cross-functional view of the company.
  • Streamline and Accelerate Business Processes:

    Integrate and streamline the diverse processes that make your business successful, such as sales, supply chain management, accounting and more. Connect workflows to improve visibility, boost productivity and reduce costs.
  • Flexibility and Scalability:

    While Embrace helps businesses follow best practices it also provides the flexibility to support your unique processes and objectives to ensure your competitive edge. Highly scalable Embrace can easily support your evolving business needs and company growth.
  • Automation:

    Automate repetitive tasks such as order processing, contract renewals, forecasting and reporting. This reduces manual and often duplicated data entry, saving time and eliminating errors. Automation will free up your staff, allowing them to focus on value-added tasks.
  • Consistent User Experience:

    Across business units, departments and roles, the user interface (UI) is the same with everyone enjoying the same user experience (UX). This increases the solution’s adoption rate and improves efficiency as users can easily find and understand information from every corner of the business.
  • Business Insights:

    Access to real-time information, company-wide, will help uncover trends and provide you with extensive business insights. Leverage visual dashboards, drill down into the detail below and make informed strategic decisions that help grow your business.
  • South Africa-Based Support:

    Our expert development, implementation and support teams are based in South Africa, offering unparalleled support for South African businesses. With a 100% implementation success track record, we partner with you to grow your business.

Who Uses Embrace?

Embrace is ideal for medium (200+ employees/50+ users) and large (1000+ employees/150+ users) businesses.

Scalable, flexible and easy to use, Embrace ERP supports specific requirements across multiple industry sectors, including the automotive, spare parts, pharmaceutical, FMCG, manufacturing, rental or service and workshop industries.

Built in South Africa, Embrace ERP meets all your local compliance and unique business requirements. There is no need to change your business processes to fit the system, and that is one of Embrace’s greatest differentiators, “Embrace can fit your business!" What’s more, access to local expertise and unparalled support is readily available and right on your doorstep.

On-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, Embrace lets you run your business your way.

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