Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has a major impact on digital transformation and is capable of bringing revolutionary changes to almost all processes of modern business. 

According to the MIT Centre for Digital Business, “Companies that have embraced digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their average industry competitors and enjoy a 12% higher market valuation.”

We’re living in a new world and operating in a “low touch economy.” Customer behaviour and working practices have fundamentally changed. Businesses are looking to their ERP solution to help them adapt to the new norms of doing business during a global pandemic and beyond. The focus is on simplifying and automating processes, saving time and emerging stronger than their competitors.

With this new landscape in mind, here are 10 ways Embrace ERP can accelerate your digital transformation and enable you to outpace your competition.


1)     Capitalise on the new wave of online selling

In this increasingly connected world, ERP extends beyond the enterprise. They are interconnected in a giant business matrix that enables a world of global commerce. Embrace ERP supports multiple interfaces to integrate with other line-of-business, third-party products and on-line platforms to meet these business demands. From fully integrated B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions that automatically update your back-office system to a simple plug and play solution. Automating online orders through Embrace ERP eliminates the need for double-capture and reduces human error. Inventory levels are automatically updated ensuring you never sell what you can’t deliver.

2)     Leverage new and emerging technology

Embrace ERP is a robust, flexible and well-integrated ERP system that allows you to add on emerging technologies like AI, RPA, and advanced analytics.
Doing so can open a world of new possibilities. Consider, for instance, that businesses are beginning to deploy AI-driven products that automate functions like accounts payable. AI tools, when integrated with Embrace ERP, can programmatically capture, process, and pay invoices, as well as extract business-critical information that can be analysed to better understand performance and profit. Extending the reach of Embrace to last-mile solutions will further streamline and automate business process and improve customer experience.  

3)     A path to the cloud 
While on-premise deployment remains the popular option for many midsize businesses, cloud adoption is catching up. This is because cloud-based ERP solutions are scalable, cost-effective, and offer embassy grade cybersecurity. The cloud also provides a modern platform for deployment of new technologies.
Embrace ERP can be implemented in the cloud or as a cloud-ready on-premises system that can be moved to the cloud later. This enables you to transition to cloud at your own pace, based on your own business strategy, resources, and evolving customer needs. Cloud-based software can also act as an extension of your existing ERP system, thereby accelerating the pace of transformation.   

4)     Embrace enhanced scalability to leverage new technology and functionality
Scalability and flexibility are two of the top characteristics of Embrace ERP. Embrace can manage all the different business tasks irrespective of the size of your organisation. The system can scale up or down to accommodate growth, expansion, acquisitions and other changes.
Embrace is continuously updated to leverage new and emerging technologies, deliver enhanced functionality and meet the needs of modern business. Clients are able to readily integrate these features and technologies to improve performance. Being on the latest version of Embrace contributes to bringing automation and digitalisation in your business.      

5)     Mobility 
Embrace mobile provides the full Embrace desktop experience on your mobile device. Mobile ERP creates a consistent, always-on communications network and real-time access from anywhere naturally increases efficiency, enables employees to deliver an improved customer experience and reduces wasted time.   

User Experience

6)     User Experience 
When menu navigation, transaction processing, and report viewing is customised to suit local roles and requirements, users feel a sense of being at home in the system – a similar experience felt when logging in to their favourite social media and streaming services where everything is personalised to suit their tastes.
The user-centric Embrace ERP Desktop has been designed to meet these demands and help create the engaging working environments that resonate with your tech-savvy employees. Location, platform and device agnostic, Embrace delivers easy anywhere, anytime access to all the information they need - translating to boosts in productivity, profitability, and user engagement.      

7)     Automate processes and reduce human interaction 
Effective business process management is key to your success. Companies are looking towards increasing levels of ERP automation to save time and effort, to enhance the efficiency of business and to achieve this as quickly as possible. They want to reduce human interaction wherever possible and get their ERP solution to ‘do the walking.’ Up to 80% of business processes and workflows can be automated with the help of Embrace ERP.
Shift employees away from performing repetitive and routine tasks, such as processing sales orders, to handling analytical and creative tasks. This allows employees to build new skills, become more engaged and contribute to fulfilling your business goals.      

8)     Using system data to deliver actionable and proactive insight 
Don’t underestimate the importance of data in the digital era - it’s the lifeblood of your business. Vast volumes of data are captured from all streams and branches of your business and recorded in Embrace ERP, which provides a centralised real-time information platform and a single point of truth. Leverage extensive visualisations that power better and faster decisions.
Data-driven processes and digital transformation are two sides of the same coin, stated a recent McKinsey article. You need data to drive digital processes and digital processes create more data. By becoming digital and unleashing the power of data, you gain significant benefits.
Users will be able to innovate and create new customer-centric processes across departments and functions faster; they will have the ability to build stronger and lasting relationships with customers as they demonstrate that they really know and understand their customers; and finance teams will spend less time finding and stitching together data and more time answering critical business questions and making strategic data-driven decisions.    

Data Analytics RS

9)     Customer Experience 
One of the most powerful strengths of Embrace ERP is its ability to improve the customer experience. That’s also a key driver – and an ideal outcome – of digital transformation.
Embrace can help you align internal processes and workflows to deliver on customer needs. Once all critical customer interactions have been identified, you will be able to leverage the data to tailor their experience. Embrace integrates with systems such as CRM and e-commerce to unite customer data, as well as help enhance inventory management, pricing, and supply-chain operations. In fact, every function, front or back office, can leverage Embrace to drive customer value through faster on-time delivery or better customer satisfaction.
Leveraging the power of Embrace ERP will help you… “get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves” – Steve Jobs.   

10)     Embrace solutions beyond ERP and service beyond excellence  
Digital Transformation is an on-going journey. It’s developing the ability to act, react and pro-act as social changes and technological evolution continue to occur, accelerate and evolve.
Embrace ERP places your team and your technology on the same side, with significant benefits. Most importantly, Embrace places your customer at the centre.
Fully integrated, end-to-end and leveraging cutting-edge technologies and functionality, Embrace ERP delivers a perfect fit for your business - supporting your needs today and tomorrow. What’s more, this all comes gift wrapped with unparalleled local expertise, service and support.
As you focus on your transformation initiatives for 2023 and beyond – we are here to help you.    

About ACS-Embrace

ACS-Embrace provides innovative, industry-built, end-to-end ERP business solutions, tailored for small, medium and large-enterprise companies. Built on a future-proof platform with open architecture, the system is scalable, flexible and power packed with functionality to embrace changing and growing business needs. On-premise or in the cloud, Embrace ERP empowers your entire workforce anytime, anywhere, on any device.
Delivering beyond solutions for 37 years, Embrace ERP enables the most agile, effective and lean operations, improved customer service and increased profits. With a legendary 100% success track record, end-to-end accountability, local expertise and unrivalled support, ACS-Embrace partners with you to grow your business.