Decision Inc., a solutions-based technology organisation and top tier Qlik partner in Africa, has formed a partnership with ACS-Embrace, provider of state-of-the art ERP software solutions for Sub-Saharan African companies. The partnership allows for both organisations to leverage on their respective skill sets to deliver richer and more engaging solutions to clients across Africa.

ACS-Embrace has taken Decision Inc.’s predefined QlikView Accelerator models for reporting and analytics and mapped Embrace’s information sources into these models. Embrace is an enterprise resource planning tool and this functionality now allows for almost instantaneous QlikView solution implementation for the analysis of business performance across a number of Embrace modules.

“Working with Decision Inc.’s team, the turnaround time has been impressive, and the ability to add additional information available in Embrace to the Decision Inc. Accelerators has allowed us to deliver an Embrace specific version of the models as a standard offering,” says Ian Foster, Sales and Marketing Director, ACS-Embrace.

Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc. adds “ACS-Embrace clients will be able to leverage our QlikView Performance Accelerators – these solutions have been crafted to meet the challenges of specific areas around sales, finance, human resources, procurement and manufacturing. These Accelerators can be implemented in a matter of weeks, providing much needed insight within tight time frames and at reasonable price points.”

“The partnership extends beyond the Accelerators,” Bell continues. “Embrace clients will have access to the Qlik range of software. The solutions are remarkably easy to use. For ACS-Embrace clients, QlikView makes a lot of sense in our current market economy as it hands the business the tools it needs to effectively harness and leverage data in the right way.”

ACS-Embrace recently released a new version of Embrace, Embrace Version 14, and are launching it at a convention to be held on 10 March at International Business Gateway in Midrand. The event will host internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, Clem Sunter, followed by presentations from Merck Pharmaceuticals – a case study on the implementation of Embrace Version 14 and Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc., on the partnership with ACS-Embrace and how it will support client solutions, customisation and growth.

The convention is designed to highlight the enhancements and advantages of the new leading edge version of Embrace as well as examine how Embrace clients can access their data and harness the business intelligence experience.

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