Embrace version 14 was recently launched at a convention held in Midrand, Gauteng. The event, aptly named "embrace the future" unearthed the enhancements and benefits of the new, innovative, rock solid Embrace 14 and demonstrated how Embrace clients can access their data, adopt new technologies and embrace digital transformation.

Two strategic partnerships were announced, namely, EAI South Africa and Decision Inc. These partnerships are aimed at providing enhanced and more engaging solutions, built together with Embrace, to address changing needs in challenging times, create clear competitive differentiators and help clients take their business to the next level.

The event was hosted by renowned keynote speaker and scenario planner, Clem Sunter, followed by presentations from Merck Pharmaceuticals – a case study on the implementation of Embrace 14; EAI South Africa, on embrace mobility; Decision Inc., on enhanced reporting and analytics, and how these partnerships with ACS-Embrace will support client solutions, customisation and growth.

The on-going development of Embrace is influenced by new technologies which provide new approaches and ways to integrate business process and software; new legislation being introduced; the need for compliance; new business models, new industries and entirely new businesses evolving. The development of Embrace 14 was driven by all of these and following the successful upgrade at a beta site, is now the latest version on general release.

Highlights of the newly launched Embrace14 include:

  • The enhanced Embrace VAT System provides supporting detail for the completion of the SARS IT14SD return with VAT figures that tally to the company’s Annual Financial Statements - saving time, ensuring compliance and accurately recording, reporting and balancing all VAT related transactions.

  • The integrated Embrace BEE functionality and comprehensive reporting tracks and measures all qualifying procurement spend with BEE partners. Clients can maximise the benefit, calculate their preferential procurement score and report on compliant and non-compliant suppliers.

  • The introduction of the Embrace Secure Socket Layer (SSL) network bridge for the Embrace Desktop enhances network security with full SSL encryption, adding a robust network connectivity layer and is ideal for environments with unstable network connectivity. User sessions are retained even if connectivity is lost, enabling users to proceed with processing.

  • Infrastructure costs are reduced as neither Citrix nor Windows Terminal Services are required. All Embrace traffic is 128 bit encrypted and SSL for telnet is also available. The Network Bridge together with the Rollback function provides robust user session handling.

  • The introduction of Automatic Data Exchange (ADE) facilitates the integration of third party systems directly with Embrace, allowing electronic transactions to be processed with little or no human interaction.

  • The integrated Embrace Service, Repair and Maintenance solution has been enhanced to further help you exceed customer expectations, improve productivity, increase asset utilisation and control costs. Embrace manages, schedules and processes all service jobs, tracking both unplanned and routine maintenance repair jobs. Suited for both external and internal workshop environments, whether on site at a customer, as a field service operation, or in a workshop environment – Embrace transforms your service centre from a cost centre to a business driver. 

  • The new Embrace Tyre Management system enables you to improve tyre performance, reduce costs and enhance vehicle and driver safety.

Guest speaker, Paul Palm, Director Information Services, Merck (Pty) Ltd., presented a case study on how Merck successfully implemented Embrace 14. He outlined the importance of proper planning, management involvement, regular steering meetings, obtaining staff buy in, user acceptance testing and training – all of which contributed to a successful upgrade. “This new platform will enable us to embrace the digital transformation, take advantage of self-help apps and improve customer satisfaction!” – Paul Palm

Francois Flamengo, CEO of EAI South Africa demonstrated “embrace on the move” on various mobile devices. Built on the backbone of Embrace Web Services, a new Embrace Mobile App is ready to extend the reach of the Embrace solution onto handheld devices, smartphones and tablets. These advances exemplify the ways ACS-Embrace is empowering users to intuitively maximise the utilisation of technology.

Nick Bell, CEO of Decision Inc. demonstrated that QlikView is a highly productive and dynamic business intelligence tool which allows for rapid and cost-effective deployment whilst delivering swift and seamless business insight. ACS-Embrace clients will have access to Performance Accelerators - pre-built solutions - which will provide the tools to effectively harness and leverage data almost immediately and in the right way, rendering a rapid return on investment.

 “We are very excited about our partnership with ACS-Embrace. Key to this partnership is their vision of taking the product into the digital environment, something that very few vendors have been able to realise. With new additions of mobility and analytics as part of the product offering, ACS-Embrace is positioned uniquely as a technology that is adapting quickly to the future demands of their users.” - Nick Bell, CEO, Decision Inc.

About ACS-Embrace

ACS-Embrace provides state-of-the-art, rock solid, business software solutions, tailored for Sub-Saharan African companies.  Our core focus is the development, implementation and support of Embrace, a comprehensive, locally developed end-to-end ERP business solution. The system is scalable, flexible and power packed with functionality to meet changing and growing business needs across all industries.

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