2017 has arrived and with it thousands of New Year’s resolutions. But, did any of these embrace your ERP solution?  I came across an article written by Tom Miller, from ERP Focus, and he shares some tips on how to get the most out of your ERP system in 2017.  Some of these include:

1)            Train your users   

Whether you have 5 or 5,000 users, training will help to get more from your ERP solution. Most users learnt how to use Embrace to do their job some time ago and continue doing it much the same way.  New staff members may have learnt from other users and were not shown correctly, causing them to find work-arounds and time consuming “long cuts”.  Audit all your users to see what they do and how they are using your Embrace ERP solution now.  Then find ways to help the users do their jobs better and more efficiently.  Shaving a couple of seconds from daily transactions will help improve overall productivity.  You could also consider adding workflows within Embrace to simplify a series of transactions and prevent errors. 

2)            Assign Embrace ERP super users

Embrace super users were probably assigned and trained during the initial ERP implementation. But how long ago was that, and are these super users still with the company?  Invite one or two users in each functional area to become higher level experts and send them on training courses enabling them to learn how to embrace and use the ERP functionality effectively and efficiently.  Allow them to become Embrace ERP experts!

Next, these super users need to ascertain how the other users in their department use Embrace.  Their real contribution will be seen when they take their new knowledge, share it with other users and change the way they work.  With their assistance process improvements can be put into place almost immediately, with little or no cost.  Why wait?

Contact your Embrace account manager for assistance and recommendation regarding user training and reap the benefits of improved accuracy, productivity and efficiency!