Welcome to our first newsletter of the year! 2017 certainly kicked off on a positive note and we have seen a lot of activity in the marketplace. Embrace Version 14 has taken our Embrace community by storm and our cover story explains why.

Currently implementing the latest version is Astore Keymak, a member of the Hudaco Group, and we take great pride in presenting a case study on how they embrace enhanced performance, profitability and growth! Our special feature explores how Astore Keymak, along with many other businesses who do not need a complex MRP solution, simplifies the process with the Embrace “Kitting” solution

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On a personal note, my highlight of the year to date, has been a visit to  “Techdom”, to meet and interview the young, creative and dynamic members of our Embrace Technology Team. Tapping into their vision, we were able to discover more about the revolutionary technologies the team are researching, developing and implementing which will accelerate Embrace to the forefront and we take pleasure in sharing this interview with you on page 6.

Also, just in case you missed it, Embrace has gone Social! 

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